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TransUnion recently released the results of a new study titled The Bubble, the Burst and Now – What Happened to the Consumer? The study reveals that 1.5 million homeowners negatively impacted by the housing crisis could re-enter the housing market in the next 3 years.

TransUnion defined “negatively impacted” as…

“…those who were 60+ days past due on a mortgage loan, lost their mortgage through foreclosure, short sale or other non-satisfactory closure, or had a mortgage loan modification between the Bubble and Burst.”

Other findings in the study:

  • During the mortgage bubble in 2006, 78 million consumers, or 43% of credit-active consumers in the U.S. had a mortgage
  • More than 8% of these consumers were “impacted”
  • 5 million consumers will again be eligible for a mortgage in the next 4 years

Here are the numbers of consumers who will meet mortgage guidelines over the next 4 years:


Real Estate Bottom Line

If you are a family impacted by the last housing crisis, now may be the right time to buy your own home.

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