Castle Pines CO | How to Save on a Mortgage Payment Whether Buying or Selling


Castle Pines CO | How to Save on a Mortgage Payment Whether Buying or Selling

80108 is a great place to live!  WalletHub, just ranked the City of Castle Pines SECOND IN THE STATE to raise a family.  WalletHub’s analysts compared more than 60 cities in Colorado across 21 key indicators of family-friendliness.  If you would like to live in Castle Pines, let’s connect.

Today, I would like to talk to you about How to Save on a Mortgage Payment Whether Buying or Selling.

Trulia recently reported in their Rent vs. Buy: Roommate Edition, on the impact that renting with a roommate has in determining whether it is more expensive to rent or buy.

“Since we started keeping track in 2012, it’s been a better deal to buy than rent in America’s largest housing markets – and for much of that time it hasn’t been close…But does the equation change for renters who share their rent with a roommate?”

Here’s what Trulia’s report concluded:

“While the standard rent vs. buy analysis reveals buying is cheaper than renting in all of the nation’s 100 largest metros, this doesn’t hold true for those choosing between renting with a roommate and buying a starter home.”

It seems obvious that sharing the cost of renting your living space by taking in a roommate dramatically decreases your housing expense, but it got me thinking.

What if you purchased a home and took in that same roommate?

The savings you would gain by adding a roommate would also happen if you bought a home. This presents an opportunity for 2 categories of buyers.

  1. The First-Time Buyer: As Trulia explains, many young adults already live with a roommate. If you purchase a new home, perhaps your roommate (or someone else) would be willing to rent a room in your new house. The rent could help offset the mortgage payment.
  2. The Empty-Nester Seller Looking to Move: The home you’ve lived in while raising a family may no longer fit your current lifestyle. You may be looking for something a little smaller with all the bedrooms on the ground level. These families may be able to open a bedroom to an older family member (parents, aunts & uncles, etc.).

A smaller, move-down home is almost impossible to find in the current housing market. If the seller-turned-buyer takes on a tenant, they could buy a more expensive home knowing that the additional monies needed to pay the mortgage would be offset with the additional monies they receive in rent. Secondly, the older couple (ex. parents) could get a housing option that probably far surpasses anything else available to them in the current market.

Real Estate Bottom Line

The concept of renting a portion of your house to be able to buy the perfect home may make sense in many circumstances.  Let’s talk to determine if it is right for you.

Source: KCM Marcy Ruberto Blog

I know buying and selling is about more than just the transaction. It’s about your life and your dreams. It is about how you feel as a buyer when you walk through the front door or how you feel when you walk out the front door for the last time as a seller.  It’s important you have a knowledgeable agent on your side who is an expert in the Castle Pines market.  Let me help YOU!

I am happy to provide you with the most updated strategic information for your home purchase in Castle Pines, Colorado.

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