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In this video, you’ll learn why owning a home has great financial benefits. Why do many continue to rent?

According to Zillow:

“In reality, buying or renting a home is an intensely personal decision, with emotional and even financial considerations that go beyond whether to invest in this one (admittedly large) asset. Looking strictly at housing market numbers, there is a concrete point at which buying a home makes more financial sense than renting it.”

What proof exists that owning is financially better than renting?

  1. Studies have shown that a homeowner’s net worth is 44x greater than that of a renter.
  2. Recently, I explained that a family who purchased an average-priced home at the beginning of 2017 could build more than $48,000 in family wealth over the next 5 years.
  3. Some argue renting eliminates the cost of taxes and home repairs, but every potential renter must realize that all the expenses the landlord incurs are already baked into the rent payment– along with a profit margin!!

Real Estate Bottom Line

If buying a home makes sense for you, let’s connect to discuss your situation.

Source: KCM Marcy Ruberto Blog

It’s important to have a knowledgeable agent on your side who is an expert in the local real estate market. You want someone who will protect your interests and ensure you make the best possible decision – for YOU. I know buying and selling homes in Castle Rock- I have lived and worked here for 25+ years!

I am happy to provide you with the most updated strategic information when buying or selling your home in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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