Choosing a Real Estate Agent


More and more sellers are taking a look at the advice real estate professionals give them and asking themselves whether they can trust that advice. And this is exactly what they should do!

The most important question you can ask when choosing a real estate agent is whether you feel you can trust them. You must feel confident they’re giving you great advice and that they’re going to be able to help you sell your home for terms that are acceptable to you. You must trust your listing agent enough to allow them to:

  • Handle the sale of one of your largest assets
  • Determine the market value for your home – price it right
  • Project the days on market for your home
  • Set a fair fee for the services required to sell your house

All of the above require a tremendous amount of real estate knowledge, experience and professionalism.  You have to trust your agent enough to let them handle a transaction that has huge ramifications for YOU.

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