Have a Home Inspection

home-inspectionIn most cases, buyers are entitled to conduct a series of inspections on the property they are about to purchase. After your offer has been accepted, I will assist you in hiring a professional home inspector to conduct an inspection of the property.

Some of the items typically investigated during an inspection are: appliances, plumbing, A/C, heating, electrical, structure, roof and attic. If any of the following are areas of concern, you can ask your inspector to address concerns regarding indoor air quality, expansive soil conditions, previous fire or flood, pests and mold.

You may want to have a radon test done.  Radon is a naturally occurring gas found in soil and is thought to cause lung cancer.  The EPA action level for radon mitigation is 4.0 pCi/L.  High levels of radon are no need to panic as most times the radon level can be brought to acceptable levels with a radon mitigation system.

I always recommend buyers have a sewer scope performed on the sewer line (for single family homes).  A technician will put a camera through the line from the house to the street to detect any cracks, breaks or sags.  Sewer line repair can be expensive, so you definitely want to know the condition of the line prior to closing.

You will receive a Sellers property Disclosure.  This form is completed by the sellers to the best of their knowledge.  It can be useful information but in no way takes the place of a home inspection.

I can also provide you with resources for obtaining information on crime statistics, city planning and zoning, school information and environmental concerns which may affect your decision to purchase.